Are you ready to blossom?

It’s the second month of spring and the honeysuckle tree covering our chicken shed is in full bloom! I’ve enjoyed seeing this happen for the last 22 years. But what’s even more beautiful is the strong and exquisite fragrance which is filling the entire backyard. (Mum told me once that when she was growing up, it was very common for people to use honeysuckle trees to cover their outside toilets … for obvious reasons!)

honeysuckle treeHoneysuckle tree covering our chicken shed

Yesterday when I was outside, I noticed quite a few buds that had fallen off the tree onto the ground after last night’s rain. As I picked one up, I noticed it was all covered with dirt and its petals were starting to fall off, the bud was starting to die.

How sad I thought. The poor little bud. It never opened up to reveal its full beauty.

Then I had another thought.

Please don’t let me ever be like this bud!

No-one ever saw its true magnificence and glory. No-one ever got to smell it’s extraordinary fragrance. No-one ever saw it reach it’s true potential.

Do you find God speaks to you through nature?

That’s what happened to me through this experience.

Seeing that bud on the ground, got me thinking …

How do we avoid remaining a tightly formed bud instead of becoming beautiful blossom?

I think for me a key to blossoming has a lot to do with the fact that I care very little these days about what others think of me. It’s such a liberating place to be! It wasn’t always that way, because for much of my life I needed and sought the approval of those in authority, and even my peers. Yes – being an approval addict will definitely cause you to remain in a “bud.”

Some years ago, I came to a place of being very comfortable in my own skin knowing that I have God’s approval – and that’s good enough for me! I think that coming to that place of security in who I am was the foundation I needed to blossom in life.

Recently I came across these words by Anais Nin, and they really seem to fit in here …

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” (Anaïs Nin)

The quote is saying that blossoming WILL involve taking risks. I agree.

It is a definitely a R.I.S.K. to open up our hearts for all our friends and the world to see what’s inside!

It make us feel very vulnerable doesn’t it? After all, we could be rejected by others, or we might fail in their eyes. Let’s face it. It’s not nice to have our delicate petals bruised or crushed.

Yet Anais Nin is also saying this: It is MORE painful to remain in a bud, than the risk it takes to blossom.

I love the quote because I think it’s so true.

If I choose NOT to bloom, my true potential as a human being stays locked up – just like a tightly formed bud with each petal perfectly pressed together protecting it’s beauty.

It’s been quite a while now since I made the decision that I am no longer content with remaining in a “perfect bud”.

For me, being bruised or rejected does not even come close to the tragedy it would be to not risk blossoming. And I think that’s the real meaning of the quote.

So here I am.  Not perfect, but FREE to blossom, have a go and be the me I was created to be.

Do you relate to the quote?

Today I would love to encourage you to be courageous and open up to your full blossoming potential too. 

Make a decision to RISK being your TRUE self, not only in your personality but when it comes to your dreams. Make sure you are living YOUR dreams, not someone else’s. To blossom you must live in such a way that you are being TRUE TO YOURSELF.

The real and authentic YOU is a GIFT – and you are needed!

Blossoming is risky, but honestly, do you really care that much? Isn’t it worse to remain a bud?

You owe the world the gift of seeing your exquisite beauty.

Spring is a season in which to FULLY blossom, so don’t just remain a bud!

Love and blessings,

Carolyn Conway

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  1. Ann Broadway

    Yes, to think of those beautiful buds that sprung up and made it through the harsh winter and still failed to bloom. I’m probably speaking to myself but I just feel that often we make it through the hardest seasons of our lives by Gods grace and yet fail to take that one more step to bloom. Caroline, as I read your post I saw this massive tree, and I mean massive, wide and tall and it was if the Lord was saying that he is going to take all the seeds that have been planted. All the buds that are still in form and will bring a blossoming like never seen before – one that will go passed the ordinary, the normal, the local. You will be like a tree planted by the Lird, the roots have grown deep and now is the time to flourish in ways that you could have only hoped and dreamed. Excited for next year- lots of love, Ann xx

    • Carolyn Conway

      Wow Ann, what an encouraging picture. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me, so much appreciated. And I agree with you that God just wants us to take one more step after making it through the hardest seasons so that we bloom, and bloom amazingly. I think that everything we’ve been through during the hard seasons makes us blossom even more gloriously if we trust Him in that process. Yes the fragrance He wants to release through the blossom is also glorious. I know that’s your story too. Much love xx

  2. Laurel

    ” …Some years ago, I came to a place of being very comfortable in my own skin knowing that I have God’s approval – and that’s good enough for me! I think that coming to that place of security in who I am was the foundation I needed to blossom in life …”

    Ditto, Carolyn! I also was a people-pleaser. I now realise I made decisions based more on whether they fit in with other people’s expectations, than whether they were the decisions God would have me make. It has taken the Lord 3 years to get me to a place in my understanding where I KNOW He loves me — I KNOW my personality & approach to life is God-given — and I KNOW the path I’m finally now travelling (been a Christian for many years) reflects my true identity. It’s such a liberating and peace-filled place to be!!

    Get intentional about your relationship with God. Put Him first, He’ll teach you to trust, and everything else you dream for your life will fall in to place.

    • Carolyn Conway

      Thanks for your comments Laurel. Being free from needing the approval of others is a great place to be, so glad you’re on the journey too. You’re right, with that as a foundation everything else falls into place!

  3. Andrea Wright

    WOW Carolyn – this is so inspiring and such a beautiful picture – A YES and Amen to ‘NOT remaining a bud’ but to ‘Fully Blossom’ in ALL areas. Love HIS fragrance to become even more a part of my life – impacting others around me.

  4. Ellen Gregora

    Thank-you for these God-given thoughts Carolyn. I am ministered to in nature too and this will encourage me more to be on the lookout for God’s conversation with me. It is refreshing to be encouraged to blossom for God’s sake. We often need someone else to give us permission and some information to work with to enable us to blossom, so your details on how to do this are appreciated – find security in God and give what you like a go leaving your success to God. Thank-YOU for being a great example in this with such a big smile.

  5. Frieda Morrison

    So thankful to be reminded Carolyn how important it is to be me, rather than feeling like I can’t open up in case I am bruised and walk on. The negative messages and lies I’ve internalised are gonna keep me trapped unless I an willing to release them and spend more time with my maker who is waiting for me to blossom in the sunlight and warmth of his protection and love. Feeling inspired and grateful thankyou.

    • Carolyn Conway

      Thank you for your comments Frieda, I encourage you to keep choosing to blossom, you are too beautiful to stay a bud, let all the world see your beauty and His beauty in you.

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