Awaken to Freedom

Awaken to freedom

We are living in the season of the awakening Almond Tree.  Awakening (dict) stirring up, birthing, waking, reviving, rousing, enlivening, activating”.  These are great words to describe what God is doing right now across the earth. He is stirring us up to be fully awake, fully alive and bearing much fruit – not half awake, half alive, and bearing little fruit.

I’m amazed at how my life has changed in just a couple of months. I’ve transitioned from a job I loved to another stage of life I am loving. I am leaving this morning for a flight to Rome. It’s a sudden and unexpected realized dream to travel to Italy, just as it was a sudden and unexpected dream to travel to Paris a few months ago.  We are in a season of God awakening and empowering dreams, and it’s for every one of us.

This morning I read John the 7:1-9 and it spoke to me so powerfully. “Jesus was staying in Galilee and was unwilling to stay in Judea because the Jews were seeking to kill him. But his brothers said to him: Leave here. Go into Judea so that everyone can see your works you are doing. For no one does anything in secret when he himself seeks to be known publicly. If you do these things, why don’t you show yourself to the world? For not even His brothers believed in Him. But Jesus refused to go, and said: I am staying in Galilee, for my time has not yet come. If you want to go to Judea, you go”.

It’s an amazing insight into the family dynamics! We’re told that Jesus own brothers didn’t believe in Him. How then, could they even begin to understand his mission?

We all hope that those closest to us will understand who we are, and support the call on our lives. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen, and it can really hurt.  I’m sure Jesus was disappointed too. I don’t think for a minute think that he wouldn’t have been thrilled to have his own family supporting Him because he had feelings too – but quite the opposite happened.

How did Jesus respond to his brothers? He stood absolutely firm. He chose to obey God rather than compromise to the inordinate pressure from his family by responding: “You go if you want to; I am staying here in Galilee”.

What did I learn from Jesus example? Simply this. Pursing my destiny, will at times result in hurtful opposition from others. When that happens, I need to remember: I cannot please everyone, but I can please God. And as I do that, I am set free from being a slave to the opinion and demands of others. Instead, I choose with wholehearted commitment to be a captive to God’s agenda alone. In that, there is inexpressible freedom and victory.

Today I released an area of my life where I needed to lay down the opinion of others and follow God’s agenda alone. I feel so much more free! Perhaps God may speak to you about an area where you need to do the same?


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