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Dear friends

We live in extraordinary times. Every one of us are experiencing challenges of some kind. For this reason, we need to remember often God's "great and precious promises" because they never fail  (2 Peter 1:4). The One who "calls each of the stars by name" (Psalm 147:4) also "calls you by name". (Isaiah 43:1).  These verses remind us of both God's omnipotence, but also His personal care for each one of us

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Choose freedom over security

As many people sit down to turkey on Christmas day, I thought I would share a little turkey story with you which I came across recently! It has a great message which I thought you might enjoy ...

      Once upon a time in the long, long ago the Eagle and the Turkey were very good friends. Everywhere they went these friends went together.  It was not uncommon for people to look up and see the Eagle and the Turkey flying side by side through the air.

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The Kingdom comes

Mark 6:35-37 It was late in the day so Jesus disciples came and said to him “this is a remote place and its already very late. Send the people away so they can go to the surrounding villages and buy something to eat”.  But Jesus answered, "You give them something to eat." But they said to him, "That would take more than half a year's wages! Are we to go and spend that much on bread and give it to them to eat?

How amazing is this passage.

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Are you ready to blossom?

It’s the second month of spring and the honeysuckle tree covering our chicken shed is in full bloom! I've enjoyed seeing this happen for the last 22 years. But what’s even more beautiful is the strong and exquisite fragrance which is filling the entire backyard. (Mum told me once that when she was growing up, it was very common for people to use honeysuckle trees to cover their outside toilets ... for obvious reasons!)

Honeysuckle tree covering our chicken shed

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Joy and Laughter

This week I read a quote by theologian Karl Barth "Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God"

It's an amazing statement and it's had me thinking quite a bit.

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Sit Down

Ephesians 2:6 And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus ...” 

What does it mean to be raised up and seated with Christ?

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The One-Degree Principle

It's hard to believe that the year is half way through. 

I've been doing some reflecting on how my year is going so far and checking up on where I am at with my goals. Mid-year is a great time to review and and get back on track.

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How to Move in Faith

What is faith?

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for."

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Who are the dreamers?

Hi friends

This week I am sending a prophetic word I received from the Lord for the Stairway Dream workshop two weeks ago, but it is a word for ALL of us.  When I received this Word, I saw an eagle arising majestically. That eagle is you. God is raising up a mighty army of people who KNOW who they are as His sons and daughters - people will DREAM with Him and build the Kingdom with Him - releasing heaven on earth. That is His heart and His commission to us. "Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."  The Father wants to do this through you and the dreams He placed in your heart. It's time to step out in faith. I suggest you read the prophetic word out loud over yourself. Let courage arise in your heart to BE and DO all the Father has called you to

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Moses’ final plea

God had approached him with an assignment that was way over his head. The Lord was going to use him to take on the leader of the most powerful nation in the world in order to free His people from slavery. Moses was filled with terror at the thought, and gave God five excuses which he hoped would get him out of his assignment.

You can catch up with previous weeks on the website, but this week I am looking at the fifth and final of Moses' excuses. I hope it encourages you in your own calling.


Exodus 4:13-15-18 Th

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I’m not ready

I've been doing a series on the five excuses Moses gave God which he hoped would cause God to change his mind about sending Him back to Egypt. I'm so grateful for God's word and the way it can speak into our own lives, all of Moses' excuses I relate to, I don't know about you! To catch up with the series, just go to the website.  This week is Moses' fourth excuse ...


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I’m not Qualified

Moses was absolutely terrified when God gave him the assignment of returning to Egypt.  He produced five excuses why he believed he was not the one for the job. This week’s blog looks at Moses' third excuse. (To see previous posts go to the website)

Excuse # 3 - “I'm not Qualified"

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“I AM” is with me

For the last two weeks, I've been reflecting on how Moses had to overcome five excuses in order to fulfil God’s plan for his life. Last week I talked about Moses identity crisis, and how he felt that he did NOT qualify for God's mission. (go to the website if you missed it to catch up)

This week’s blog is about Moses’ second excuse – which was based on FEAR.

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Who am I?

Last week I wrote an article outlining some of the internal struggles that Moses had to overcome before he could fulfil his destiny. He provided God with at least five excuses, and he hoped they were good enough to let him off the hook (Exodus 3 & 4). If you’ve not read last week’s blog it could help, you can find it here

Over the next few weeks, I thought it would be valuable to look at each of Moses' excuses in more detail. This week it is Moses' identity crisis. 

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Make no excuses

Moses is surely one of the greatest figures of history. His achievement to lead millions of people out of captivity and slavery in Egypt was extraordinary.

When I read the story of Moses in Exodus recently, I was reminded of the miraculous internal journey he had to go through in order to fulfil his destiny.

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Embracing who you are

I became very agitated the other day when I sat down to watch half an hour of television. I saw how powerful the media is more than ever - truly the world is designed to brainwash us and make us feel insecure, inadequate and unhappy with ourselves – including the way we look (much advertising is aiming to do exactly this).

Many people struggle to accept who they are, or like themselves, wishing they had other talents, gifts and looks – sometimes even a different personality. I spoke to someone recently who was complaining about her very “quiet personality – I wish I was more outgoing” she said.

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Dreaming with God in 2015

It's a new year, full of fresh hope, new dreams and opportunities to step out in full faith that God will move in new ways.

This week I read the story of the Widow's oil, and I felt God speaking to me about my dreams for 2015.

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You are worthy of success

Many people understand the salvation message - that we have been saved by grace through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This is great, but so often we can fail to embrace ALL that was done for us at the cross.

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Living with a sense of Destiny

Years ago when our children were young, we did a lot of camping with friends. It's a sweet memory to reflect on those times, when we tucked the kids into their sleeping bags and then gathered around the camp-fire to talk into the night hours. This is a setting in which some great conversations about life can happen with friends - but  then, if you're a camper, you already know that!

One night, as we put yet another log on the fire, my good friend started to share. He said "Carolyn, do you know what one of my greatest fears is? It's that  I will get to the end of my life ....  and I will have only lived a life of mediocrity ... it ha

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You’re invited!

Are you 40+?  This workshop is designed just for you!  Date Saturday May 31st, 2014
Time 9:30 to 4:30pm (doors open 9:15am)
This is an empowering and exciting workshop designed to unlock the dreams and desires of your heart. It’s time to start living in destiny you were designed for. You have not missed the boat! Make this your best year ever come alive as you discover the dreams and greatness God has put inside you. Cost $50 Individual; $90 Couple; Pensioner/Student $35 (no childcare available)
Venue East Wing Stairway church Whitehorse, 171 Rooks Road, Vermont (access at rear of building)
Lunch 12:30pm – 1:30pm   (BYO lunch. Tea & Coffee provided)
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