Choose freedom over security

As many people sit down to turkey on Christmas day, I thought I would share a little turkey story with you which I came across recently! It has a great message which I thought you might enjoy …

      Once upon a time in the long, long ago the Eagle and the Turkey were very good friends. Everywhere they went these friends went together.  It was not uncommon for people to look up and see the Eagle and the Turkey flying side by side through the air.

     One day while flying, the Turkey said to the Eagle:  “Let’s drop down and get a bite to eat.  I’m so hungry.  “Sounds like a good idea to me,” replied the Eagle.  So the two birds glided down to earth, saw several animals eating, and decided to join them.  They landed next to the Cow.  The Cow was busy eating corn, but noticed that the Eagle and the Turkey were soon sitting on the ground next to her.  “Welcome,” said the Cow.  “Help yourself to the corn.”

     This took the two birds by surprise.  They were not accustomed to having other animals share their food quite so readily.  “Why are you willing to share your corn with us?” asked the Eagle.  “Oh, we have plenty to eat here.  Mr. Farmer gives us all we want,” replied the Cow.  With that invitation, the Eagle and The Turkey jumped in and ate their fill.  When they finished, the Turkey  asked more about Mr. Farmer.  “Well,” said the Cow, “he grows all our food.  We don’t have to work for the food at all.”

     “You mean,” said the Turkey, “that Mr. Farmer simply gives you all you want to eat?”  “That’s right,” said the Cow.  “Not only that, but he gives us a place to live.”  The Turkey and the Eagle were shocked!  They had never heard of such a thing.  They had always had to search for food and work for shelter.

     When it came time to leave, the Turkey and the Eagle began to discuss the situation.  “Maybe we should just stay here,” said the Turkey.  “We can have all the food we want without working.  And that barn over there beats those nests we have to keep building.  Besides, I’m getting tired of always having to work for a living.”

     “I don’t know about all this,” said the Eagle.  “It sounds too good to be true.  I find it hard to believe that one can get something for nothing.  Besides, I kind of like flying high and free through the air.  And providing for food and shelter isn’t so bad.  In fact, I find it quite challenging.”

      So the Eagle decided that he loved his freedom too much to give it up, and enjoyed the consistent challenge of making his own living.  So, after saying good-bye to his old friend the Turkey, the Eagle set sail for the unknown adventure.


     But the Turkey thought it over and decided to stay where there was free food and shelter. Everything went fine for the Turkey!  He ate all he wanted.  He never worked.  He grew fat and lazy.  But then one day he heard the farmer’s wife mention that Christmas was coming in   the next few days and it would be nice to have roast turkey for dinner.  Hearing that, the Turkey  decided it was time to check out and rejoin his good friend Mr. Eagle.  But when he attempted to fly he found that he had grown too fat and lazy.  Instead of being able to fly, he could only flutter.  So on Christmas Day the farmer’s family sat down to roast Turkey. THE END.


Oh dear, poor turkey!! The moral of the story is very clear isn’t it?

As we head into a new year, this is a great time to reflect and decide to join the eagle who chose REAL FREEDOM over DISGUISED SECURITY. When we give up the challenges which come with our dreams, we give up our freedom to grow.

I want to soar like an eagle in 2016 and I know you do too. Father God has great dreams and plans he wants you to take hold – and ALL OF THEM mean that you will need to step OUT of your comfort zone. But guess what … you CAN DO IT – because your DNA is an eagle! So … don’t opt for the barn. And don’t look to others to always “feed you”. Go to Father God for yourself, seek His face and be fed by His word. Work out YOUR own salvation with fear and trembling – you are responsible for you.

God has been speaking to me about 2016 – it’s going to be an incredible year. I believe you are going to SOAR and it’s going to be a DEFINING YEAR FOR YOUR DESTINY!! So come on, let’s learn from this story so that we fly together like the eagles God created us to be.

As this is my last blog for 2015, I want to say a sincere THANK YOU for being part of my blogging journey throughout the year. I hope you’ve found it encouraging in some way as you pursue your dreams and destiny.

I pray your heart and home is filled with joy and peace as you celebrate the gift of Jesus this Christmas. His name is “Emmanuel” – God is with us!

I would love to hear your comments if you would like to write to me below!

God bless


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  1. Ann Broadway

    I think Ive been a bit of a turkey for way too long, so I choose eagle !! I have been feeling a bit unsettled in myself and often when I feel like this it’s time to move, to change, to grow. I can’t wait to soar next year. Thanks Caroline for all your amazing encouragement and support this year. Let me know of any workshops you have coming up. Have a blessed Christmas with the ones you love xxxxx

    • Carolyn Conway

      You’re definitely not a turkey Ann, it’s not in your DNA, excited about what 2016 holds for you!!

  2. Leigh

    Great blog Carolyn loved it and can see the truth thru this analogue to chasing dreams or settling for comfort. I choose eagle and having launched into the dream I’ve never felt so much challenge growth and uncertainty and it’s exciting so riveting at the same time it’s scary to let go and walk surrendered fully to gods dream!!

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