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Alexander the great

Years ago I read a book on the life of Alexander the Great. There were many inspiring stories – this one will stay in my memory forever.

Once an extremely courageous General in Alexander’s army won a great and important battle. To reward him for his bravery, Alexander gave him an extraordinary gift – the offer of an open order to his royal treasury. This meant that the General could make a request of any amount of money he wanted, and Alexander would grant it!  

The General who wanted to take up the offer went to see Alexander’s treasurer. He presented to him a request for a HUGE sum of money. However the treasurer, dismayed at the outrageous size of the request, refused to pay it.  When Alexander heard that the treasurer had denied the General the money, he was furious. He summonsed the treasurer to immediately come into his presence. Burning with indignation he rebuked the treasurer severely and thundered “Do you not realize that my General has magnified the greatness of my kingdom by the greatness of his request? Give him what he demands!”

Alexander was an extraordinary leader, a big thinker, and a very big dreamer.

I find this story inspiring but very confronting. It stirs my heart to reflect upon the size of my own dreams and my own requests of God.

When I read it I feel challenged with this thought. “Why don’t I think and dream much bigger than what I am doing?”

Over the last few months, I have felt prodded and poked by the Holy Spirit to do this!

I feel Him stirring, challenging and provoking me to go up to a greater level in the size of my dreams and my requests of heaven.

After all, nothing is impossible with God.  He is the One who “owns the cattle on a thousand hills”.  There are no limits to His royal treasury.  His storehouse is overflowing with heavenly resources. There are limbs for those who need them, divine strategies to relieve global poverty, supernatural love to access so that we can be filled and then pour it out over this broken world.

There are promises of miracles, signs, wonders and provision for those who will dare to ask.  I believe God’s response to such requests would be this: “At last a son or daughter who knows who I am, and knows who they are!”

Imagine for a minute what would it be like to see God use you to open the eyes of the blind? Or start a ministry for the homeless?  Or fill you with so much love for those in your street that revival breaks out there.

What is one of my big dreams?

I am carrying a big dream in my heart to see a full on revival throughout Victoria.  I dream of seeing a raging Holy Spirit bush-fire sweep throughout every town and rural area. I want to see the prodigals who need to know the Father’s love and healing grace swept up into His heavenly embrace. I want to see the greatest outpouring of His love and power that Victoria has ever seen.  My dream is also that this revival does not just “come and go” but that it results in seeing strong disciples and loving communities grown.

As I was out walking in the bush the other day, I sensed the words coming to me “who will go for us and who can we send”? I felt that it was an invitation from God for me to minister throughout Victoria. I did a prophetic act. I imagined a door in front of me which had “Victoria” on it. I saw that the door was open, so I stepped through. I said to God “Here I am, send me”.

 I believe God is looking for those who will be like Alexander’s General who dared to make a huge request, and go and get what was promised.  


Alexander gave the answer when he corrected his timid treasurer.

“Do you not realize that the greatness of my General’s demand has magnified the greatness of My Kingdom?!”

Why don’t you join me in magnifying the greatness of God’s Kingdom by thinking and dreaming so much bigger…

Who will join me in making bold and audacious requests on heaven’s resources for the sake of His kingdom?

What is your BIG dream?




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  1. Ann Broadway

    Here am I send me to the needy, broken, wounded that the truth of Gods amazing grace will be felt thru our nation. Carolyn as you walk thru that door of revival know that we stand with you. Thank you for your message – it touched my heart.

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