Embracing who you are

I became very agitated the other day when I sat down to watch half an hour of television. I saw how powerful the media is more than ever – truly the world is designed to brainwash us and make us feel insecure, inadequate and unhappy with ourselves – including the way we look (much advertising is aiming to do exactly this).

Many people struggle to accept who they are, or like themselves, wishing they had other talents, gifts and looks – sometimes even a different personality. I spoke to someone recently who was complaining about her very “quiet personality – I wish I was more outgoing” she said.

Others don‘t like their facial features, the colour of their hair, or think they are too short or tall, or complain about the size of their feet (okay, I struggle a bit with that one!)

But seriously, the list in our head of what we don’t like about ourselves can get pretty long.

Looking at Psalm 139 recently, I was reminded of how much David valued the way God had made him – even calling himself a masterpiece. When David referred to himself as a masterpiece, he not only honoured God, but himself.


When David celebrated who he was, his soul rejoiced!

If we keep focussing on what we are not, instead of what we are, we are going to miss out on being all we were designed to be. The things that make you different, are the things that make you YOU – so rejecting who you are, or wanting to have what someone else has got, is such a waste of who you are.

Like David, we need ALL of who we are if we are to fulfil all the dreams and plans God created us to have.

Recently, I became aware that I had a bad attitude towards one of the gifts God gave me – it was a gift of administration. I didn’t place much value on it at all! However, I came to see that it is really needed for what I am doing. Feeling very convicted, I asked forgiveness, and then thanked God for this gift and honored it. I am now even more grateful for who I am and the way God made me – He knew what he was doing.

Perhaps there are parts of who you are which you are not grateful for too? What could they be? Why don’t you spend a minute in reflection, and if you think of anything – talk it out with God. I’m sure you will start to value and appreciate yourself more – this is a doorway to great freedom.

To live a life of joy and purpose, we really need to fully accept and celebrate who we are, in our entirety. We are told to love ourselves, and this means treating ourselves with utmost respect and honour. Like David, you are a remarkable expression of supernatural authorship!

Enjoy being YOU this week!

Love Carolyn







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  1. Andrea Wright

    Yes and Amen – loved reading this!!

    WOW – Like David, you are a remarkable expression of supernatural authorship! – How good is this??

    Enjoy being YOU this week! –
    Knowing who I am in Christ is a place of peace.

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