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Moses is surely one of the greatest figures of history. His achievement to lead millions of people out of captivity and slavery in Egypt was extraordinary.

When I read the story of Moses in Exodus recently, I was reminded of the miraculous internal journey he had to go through in order to fulfil his destiny.

As we know, Moses had led a life of great privilege in the palace, but he always knew he should be on the other side of the gates with his people. His sense of injustice about their misery and slavery grew and grew, until “One day, when Moses was grown up, he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people. Looking this way and that, and seeing no-one, he killed the Egyptian and his him in the sand”. (Exodus 2:11)

As a result, Moses became a wanted man. Hunted by Pharaoh as a murderer, he fled into the desert to hide from the past, his failures and his painful memories.

The last thing he expected was an encounter with God – you’ve just got to watch those burning bushes!


When God told Moses his assignment (i.e. return to Egypt and rescue My people) he fell apart. He produced a series of excuses that he hoped would exempt him from his assignment.  Here’s a few good ones …..

  1. Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt? Exodus 3:11 – MOSES HAD AN IDENTITY CRISIS
  2. But what if they do not believe me, or listen to me and say ‘The Lord did not appear to you!’ Exodus 4:1 – MOSES HAD A FEAR OF MAN
  3. But I am not eloquent enough, I am slow of speech and tongue Exodus 4:10 – MOSES FELT INADEQUATE, NOT GIFTED ENOUGH
  4. But what if I say to them “The God of our Father’s has sent me to you and they say “Tell us his name”? Then what will I say? Exodus 3:13 – MOSES DIDN’T FEEL READY
  5. Lord, please…. send someone else! Exodus 4:13 – MOSES WAS STUBBORN

I don’t know about you, but I relate to Moses. Any time God asks me to get out of my comfort zone, I don’t have much trouble coming up with reasons why I’m not ready.

Like Moses, t’s easy to find excuses if we have a negative view of ourselves in our head. The reality is that each of us live with an internal narrator. And if that voice is negative, it shapes our reality, our relationships, our future and ultimately our destiny.

Moses had to deal with his own negative thoughts about himself before he could fulfil his assignment – and we also have to deal with ours. I’ve always liked what Graeme Cooke says “unless you go after your subconscious, it will go after you”. It’s so true.

Like you, I have many dreams and God-assignments. But so that I don’t live below the level of God’s purpose for my life, I need to intentionally take every negative thought captive and replace it with truth. This eliminates the excuses as to why I can’t do what God asks me to do – and it empowers me to step into the life I was designed for. I have chosen not to live with lies in my head – they are not permitted to stay.


Here are seven empowering steps which will flush out your excuses that stop you fulfilling your God-assignments:

  1. Be aware of the thoughts in your head.
  2. Write down what they are (e.g.. I’m can’t speak; I’m inadequate; I’m not qualified; I’m boring; What if people don’t like me.)
  3. Do you see the lie?
  4. What is the truth?
  5. Now write down the truth – based on God’s word.
  6. What scriptures come to mind? Write them down.
  7. Start to declare the truth

Having declared this a few times, how do you now see yourself?

Let’s go after every negative thought and lie so that we are not entombed in the past. God wants you to be full of confidence that you can fulfil all He calls you to. Like Moses, you can fulfil all the dreams and assignments He has for you – no excuses!

The good news is that in the end, Moses placed his trust in God and fulfilled his assignment. We are told that there was no-one on the face of the earth as meek as he was, and he was called a friend of God (Exodus 33:11). It’s amazing what we can do once we renew our minds with truth.

I would love to hear about your journey or receive your comments below.

Love and blessings









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  1. Margaret

    Hi carolyn,
    wow your blogs are always so timeley…or should I simply be saying. Thank YOU God….
    A couple of weeks ago I helped organize the ladies progressive dinner and we themed it Open Doors. Open the doors to what God wants you to use…Open the doors to Him…..let Him open the doors that have slammed in your face….Love the doors of the loved ones you really want to communicate with but stya so tightly shut…
    The day went well then all of a sudden at the last place ..where I was going to share this…things went wrong and we were rushed and I had to rush into my talk and then some late people turned up talking loudly and came in and sat down talking and I lost the plot and fumbled around. I had notes but my mouth just took over and I said half of what I meant to because I just let my mouth run and I felt a total failure….I did manage to get out some of the points but I fel really disappointed in myself…..I am much better at writting things than saying things…I think it is because of ridicule I went through at school. I had a teacher who was dreadful…a nun sadly. She used to pick me out of the class all the time to come up the front and say the prayers we were supposed to learn by heart. She knew I had trouble with that and every time I got some wrong whe would smack my legs with the ruler and ridicule me until i was so mortified and my stomach was so knotted up I wet myself in front of the class…. to this day I find it really hard to memorize things…..but you know what? God has been speaking to me about who I REALLY am in His eyes. he has said to me that I am much more than that frightened little girl….( the nun didn’t know that every time she smacked me it brought back the fear I felt everytime my father thrashed me to an inch of my life in an alcoholic rage) God created me with a purpose and a plan and to so much more than I allowed myself to become.. I have been reading Dr Caroline leafs book Switch on your Brain and then I read your blog and God has reaffirmed in me that he CAN use ALL people no matter what their past or their circumstances are. I feel less of a failure now and just pray that the words Idid get out will have blessed or encouraged someone.. One lady did say that my words were timely for her…so Thank YOU God for that…and than YOU Carolyn for being open to the Spirit’s leading in writting this blog.
    Be blessed beautiful woman of God.

    • Carolyn Conway

      Hi Margaret, thank you for sharing your story and some of your experiences. Speaking as one who has had plenty of failures(!) I totally understand missing the mark of our own expectations. I learnt a key from a family member some time ago who said that when they make a mistake, they say “oh well!” and just move on. It sounded so simple (and alot healthier than beating myself up as I sometimes did) so now that’s what I do. Besides, my Father in heaven thinks I’m amazing, so why wouldn’t I keep lining up to have another go? That’s how he thinks about you too, he’s very proud of you and all you’re doing to grow, keep going! Much love to you xx

  2. Frieda Morrison

    I read your blog last night Carolyn with interest as I have been reworking my self-image for many years. Sometimes I take 2 steps forward then one back and at other times it’s the otherway around. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to the Moses identity crises but see more clearly how he amazingly overcame this. Like you I relate to his fear of others, his inadequacy and his stubborness. I use a variety of tools to help me overcome this. God’s promises, affirmations, such as ‘faith is fear that has said it’s prayers’. Just believing and knowing God’s love is so big and that nothing can separate me from it. Refusing to listen to the negative critical paranoid voice that tells me I am not good enough, I’m a loser, and fear of criticism and ridicule. Remembering that we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Teaches me not to beat myself up when I don’t measure up. God’s not measuring me, then why do I set the bar so high? Underneath all this heavy condemnation Christ came to relieve me of it all and there is a beautiful butterfly that is light and free. This is the gift I’ve been given, and I am choosing not to be broken, squashed and subdued because I am worthy of honour and to live under the shadow of His wings.

    • Carolyn Conway

      Hi Frieda, thank you for your comments, and sharing some of your journey and being honest and transparent. Your end paragraph sums it up so well “this is a gift I’ve been given, and I am choosing not to be broken, squashed and subdued because I am worthy of honour and to live under the shadow of His wings”. Beautifully written, such insight and truth, and yes you are so worthy of honour, keep declaring His promises and stay full of His joy, you were designed to do great exploits for Him and you already are. I’m also going to writing for the next few weeks on Moses, so share any other insights with me that you have. blessings, Carolyn

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