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This is an inspiring and empowering guest post by my friend Jane Berry who has a dream and passion for raising world changers. For details of her blog, see below.

Growing up in Tasmania on a dairy and cropping farm was hard work but fun. A good work ethic was highly valued and the ‘here and now’ was reality. Dreaming was not part of our vocabulary.

Ever since I could remember I wanted to be a Doctor. When I made a commitment to Christ, I wondered if it may mean that I would end up in Africa. This thought held a slight sense of adventure, but more of a sense of fear. Following God might mean that He would send me there & that was scary.

In year 12 at High School, I made a decision to undertake nursing training the following year. This could be done at the local hospital (of which there were 4 duxes of the local 4 high schools who all were in my nursing class, myself being one of them). The decision was made for several reasons. Firstly, I didn’t believe my parents could afford to send me to University. Secondly, university was 4 hours from home and girls didn’t do that sort of thing. Thirdly, I reasoned that I would be 24 years old by the time I finished my training. I would then get married, have kids and never use my training so what was the use of that!!

Fast forward a decade, living in Melbourne, married, Pastor’s wife, Critical Care Nurse, been to Theological College & obtained a Bachelor of Theology, and life was great. Basically, whatever we wanted to do, we could do just by putting our mind to it. Until it came to kids. We were unable to have kids. We underwent a series of tests which denied anything being wrong. Seven years later, when these tests were repeated, the original tests were deemed very faulty. There was a lot wrong that meant that I could never fall pregnant naturally.

During this decade, I would often ask God what I should be doing with my life. I had a brilliant position in the Coronary Care Unit at Monash Medical Centre & was responsible for setting up many cardiac programs that saved the hospital money, formulating systems of care, and writing educational information for patients and nurses. This was not fulfilling that need within me. I knew there was more. I would hear sermons about dreaming and couldn’t relate. What were my dreams? I couldn’t seem to dream. I didn’t realise then, but my dreaming had been shut down as a child, when the practicalities of life were all consuming and the ‘here and now’ and a strong work ethic were highly valued. There had been no time for ‘fancy ideas’.

It was hard not to become bitter as many young girls in our community were becoming pregnant out of wedlock, and friends were all having their first, second, third babies etc. Instead, my husband and I went on a journey of healing. We chased our healing.

We eventually had two children. They had numerous allergies, including anaphylaxis. They were anaphylactic to eggs, nuts, soy, fish, sesame seed, and cotton-seed oil. They were highly intolerant to dairy. The youngest was also diagnosed as coeliac and fructose intolerant and intolerant to sulphurs and salicylates. This greatly restricted our lifestyle as we had to always be prepared with our own food when we went out. Our youngest had several respiratory issues and often spent time in hospital.

We knew this wasn’t right. We chased our children’s healing. We were not going to let the devil have the victory. We went to 5 different prayer ministries and found the variety and the differences to be helpful. Dingley Anglican, Ellel, Sonrise, Sozo and individual prayer ministers. We also had Freemasonry prayed off us at least 5 different times with a full day of renunciations. The actual evidence of that day was dramatic in our children’s health and bodies and made a huge change. We saw amazing results.

As soon as we had children, my petitioning God for my life’s call was answered. God clearly showed me I was to not put my children into childcare and also to home school them. Looking back, I had always had a passion for families and raising children in a healthy manner so that they could reach their potential. I had just never explored what that meant and couldn’t articulate it.

Fast forward another decade, my children are totally healed from their allergies, including anaphylaxis. This occurred through prayer and having chased our whole families healing through prayer ministry. We have spent 3 months in Mozambique, Africa with Iris Ministries, and I have begun a website and blog on ‘Raising World Changers’. (

Some insights I have gained along the way are:
1. Chase your healing. Get prayer ministry. Go deeper. Get cleansed completely. There is so much generational stuff that can impact you negatively, so get rid of it.

2. Become the person you want to be. When trying to get pregnant, it was extremely painful on a monthly basis for ten years. Did I let that consume me? I tried not to. I was heavily involved in ministry, work and changing my character. I read parenting books. I observed other parents. I asked other parents questions about raising kids. I wanted to be in the best position possible when I did become pregnant. I chased God.

3. We have had prophetic words over our life and our children’s life, but no matter how great they are, they really only confirm what we already had heard from God. Your own relationship with God is, and has to be, the number one priority. We went to Mozambique open to the idea that we may remain in Africa as missionaries (something that as a child scared me). Once there, God clearly told us individually that we were to come back to Australia for a season and then be going and coming. The following week, David Wagner, a world renowned prophet, spoke over us saying exactly that. He also spoke over both of our children confirming what we already knew but also saying that they would have a healing (naturally and supernaturally) and prophetic ministry.

4. Become who you need to be so that the prophetic word can be fulfilled. When we returned to Australia, we knew we needed to change churches to learn as much as we could about the supernatural gifts. We joined the Healing Rooms team as a family. We can’t expect our children to get to age 21 & be fluent in healing people supernaturally if they aren’t trained and exposed to it. We have to steward our prophetic word. Get training. Start taking steps practically towards it.

Dream Big #2

5. Don’t let finances hold you back. We would be a lot better off financially if I didn’t home-school, but we are not going to let finances dictate our life and dreams.

6. Keep spiritually ‘clean’. I encourage people to have prayer ministry annually. Different things can gradually creep up on you. It is easy to let a spirit of offence perch on you. Enjoy getting rid of the junk whilst it is still relatively ‘fresh’ before it becomes ingrained within you.

7. Dream. I have had to learn to dream bigger. At the moment, I am having an absolute ball living what is now my dream and has been my dream for 10 years. Home schooling my children, impacting other families through my blog, and involved in different ministries. There are more things on the horizon but at the moment, time does not allow me to pursue them. I know I will have more time in the future. God is gradually revealing more of that to me, but at the moment my focus is more on developing my character and my intimate relationship with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Later this year I will be releasing my website I am currently developing on prophetic teaching and encouraging people to develop their skills in the prophetic through activations.

8. Determine to live with no regrets. Do the hard things. Have a go. Having a go and not succeeding is NOT failure. Failure is not having a go in the first place!!

What is one thing you need to do today to get to where you want to be in five or ten years time? Stop and write it down now. Purpose to do it before you go to bed tonight.

Jane is an active member of Stairway Church Whitehorse. You can find her posts and subscribe to her blog at 


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  1. Andrea Wright

    Loved this – your life is an inspiration of activating ALL that God has purposed and planned for you!! Look out for MORE!!

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