Spring Awakening

Spring has just got to be the most optimistic time of the whole year!

The birds are tweeting, new lambs are being born and gardens everywhere are bursting forth with new life.

Although I’m very grateful for winter rains, I’m certainly ready for the Spring.  As Leo Tolstoy said “Spring is the time of plans and projects”.

Spring is the time of plans and projects.JPEG2


It’s interesting what can happen to our dreams during the winter. Perhaps you relate to one or both of the following scenarios?

Scenario 1 – Some dreams can get stuck in the mud. Let’s face it, winter is a wet time, and our dreams can get bogged down. The ‘stuck in the mud’ dreams are those which we have started, but they’ve come to a grinding halt. How does this happen? Where does the passion which we once had for the dream go? These dreams can become buried by hardship, disappointment and challenges. Perhaps we stopped pursuing the dream because we couldn’t find a way forward. Perhaps there was too much opposition. Perhaps we just became exhausted. Then more heavy winter rain fell, and our precious dream got washed down-stream. Oh no! Even more rain came. But this time, it caused a huge mud-slide! Our poor dream just got buried under a massive deluge of mud and rubble! Has this ever happened to one of your dreams?

The remedy for these bogged down dreams, is to pull them out of the mud, and re-plant them into fertile soil again. If the dream was worth pursuing in the first place, don’t let it die! Fight for your dream, don’t give in and don’t give up!

Scenario 2 – These are the dreams which remain asleep. They’ve never actually made it out of our Dream Journals into the light of day. On paper these dreams sound exciting, daring and adventurous! However, being creatures of habit we tend to like talking more about dreams than actually doing them. After all, comfort can be more appealing than the many challenges which come with pursuing a dream. And anyway, sleeping in the winter time is just such a pleasant activity.  Just ask the Grizzly bear. He loves to hibernate all winter long in his comfortable cave.  Do you have any of dreams that are sleeping in your Dream Journal?

Yes we all do.

But of course, there is a down-side to having dreams which never make beyond talk (and it’s a pretty big one). And that is that not one of us will ever feel fulfilled in life if we settle for being less than we could otherwise be. There are graveyards all over the world in which dreams are buried which could have helped the world!

So what’s the remedy for these passive, sleepy dreams? Wake them up! Your powerful dream doesn’t belong in your Dream Journal, it is needed in the world – your dream needs to be activated.     

Spring is the perfect time to push forward with your Dreams!

Imagine with me for a minute….. What would be like to look back on 2014 with a sense of joy, accomplishment and success? We all want that. But the only way it will happen is to partner with God, become intentional and take action. If a dream is worth pursuing, it needs to have a plan.

Below are a few exercises I have designed to shake off the winter doldrums and start moving with passion and purpose into this new season with your dreams.  (Allow at least half an hour, grab your journal, find a quiet spot and invite the Holy Spirit into this process).  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I want to accomplish by the end of the year? Keep your answers brief (dot points) and write at least 6-8.
  2. Now reflect on which of these dreams are most important to you.
  3. Which dreams do you sense God stirring your heart to pursue the most?
  4. Now allocate each dream a number to prioritize its importance.
  5. Now next to the dream with the highest priority (No. 1), what is the first thing you need to do to move the dream forward? Write it down. Now decide when you will do it (the sooner the better). Take action. Start moving!
  6. Keep the process going for the other dreams

So this Spring . . .

It’s time to embrace the season of new hope, beginnings and opportunities.

It’s time to rescue and relocate any of your stuck in the mud dreams into fresh soil so they can blossom!

It’s time to awaken and activate those important God-dreams in your Dream journal! 

I am cheering you on. You can do it. Stand with me at the end of the year and let’s be excited together about how far we have come and the dreams we have seen come to pass.

The stunningly beautiful Almond Tree has an amazing reputation. It’s delicate buds and beautiful five petal flower is well renown as being one of the most beautiful fragrances in all of nature.  As you start to release your dreams this Spring season, you are partnering with God to release the exquisite fragrance of Christ in the world. That’s what your dreams are for. You and your dreams are needed, so never give up.

Go and dream. Go and do. Be the exquisite fragrance of Christ in the world.

Enjoy Spring!

I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment which remains anonymous.

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  1. Margaret

    Thanks for the prompt carolyn….I think I belong between the firsy and seconf group….The ones that make it just out of the pages of the dream Journal…..quickly get nogged down in the busy.ness of life and all that is put upon me by others….Of course I accept the busyness in my life but I am in the process of letting go of some things and knowing I need to just LIVE in theis in between mometn with God…letting go before I move forward into what he has for me….

    • Carolyn Conway

      Love that He gives us wisdom, shows us what to let go of so we can take hold of what He has for us

  2. Leigh

    So inspirational thanks Carolyn The 1st of spring
    Is where I got that exciting news about the next step in
    the dream.loved the activation exercise !

  3. Andrea Wright

    I have just re-read again your blog – love scenerio 1 in that you fight for your dream – you don’t give in or don’t give up – keep persisting and then scenerio 2 -dreams need to be activated – wake them up. I love this also: “Spring is a new season of new hope, beginnings and opportunities” and this “to release the exquisite fragrance of Christ wherever we are”. Sums up for me the word “Flourish” – how our God wants us and our dreams – flourishing – alive – awakened – to make a difference whereever we go, whoever we met, whereever we are! Carrying HIS “exquisite fragrance-HIS presence”!! Andrea xxx

  4. Narelle Carnegie

    Thanks for the inspiration – I needed to hear that today. I think I have some dreams in both scenario’s! I have been a bit distracted with studies this year & allowed one of my dreams (that was going well) to be put aside over the winter months. Time I resurrected it from under the mud slide of business! And, yes, there are dreams that are still asleep that I need to wake up. Lord, give me the courage to step out in You. It’s going to be a beautiful spring 🙂 Bless you & once again, thanks – Narelle xx

  5. Chuchaii

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