4 Problems with Passion

The Greeks asked one question upon the funeral of a companion. Did he live with passion?

Passion is a powerful emotion. It is described as “an intense, sometimes barely controllable emotion, a compelling feeling or desire for something”


Sometimes when I asked people this question, they know straight away. But for others, it really poses a problem.

4 problems with passion . . .

I have discovered at least four reasons that can stop people living with passion:

Firstly, there are those who say: “Actually, I don’t have a clue what they are any more”. They usually look disappointed, or even frustrated. For these people, their passions have become buried under busy time-tables of work demands or other responsibilities such as raising kids etc. It’s easy enough to do. If this is you, then know that your passions are waiting for you. You just need to pay them some attention. Spend some time praying and journaling and ask the Holy Spirit help you re-discover and re-connect with your passions.

Secondly, some people say “I have no idea really what they are; I’ve never really discovered my passions.” If this is you, it’s never too late to start, in fact you can start today. However in order to find your passions, you need to be willing to invest some time reflecting and getting in touch with your emotions. Also try and discover what they are by exploring new things, try to find things that peak your interest, take a class, join a group, read a book, do whatever you do to become engaged. Then analyse it. Don’t just stop at whether you liked it or not. Did you love it or just “like it”. What specifically didn’t you like?  You could also ask a friend or family member … “What do you think I’m passionate about”?

Thirdly, there are others who have been hurt (at some stage) when they’ve pursued their passions. As a result, they’ve pulled back and decided to live below their true passion in case they’re hurt again. Anyone can experience this, it also happens to many leaders. I believe the enemy targets our passions and aims to steel them from us because he knows how powerful they are and how much they are connected to us moving in our destiny. All I can do is encourage you and say, if you’ve chosen “safety” or you feel your passions have been stolen from you, get them back!!! (you will never be happy living in mediocrity, and you know you owe it to yourself, and others and God to live your best life). Your passions are YOUR gift from God and needed for your destiny. Ask God to restore and renew them – He will!

Finally, some people are not connecting with their real passions because they’re involved with activities that they are not even passionate about (not meaning housework!). They keep saying ‘yes’ to things only out of a sense of duty because they don’t want to let others down.  The trouble is that if we do things we don’t enjoy, it causes us to feel drained, frustrated and uninspired – instead of passionate. If we keep doing this, we will have less time to do what we’re really called to.  It may take being willing to “disappoint others” to get moving in our own destiny.

The world needs you and your passions …

Our passions are a gift from God, and act like a kind of GPS for the soul because they lead us to the places where we most come alive. They are the energy behind our DREAMS and ultimately our calling.  You and your passions are needed.

Howard Thurman: Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask: what makes me come alive? Then go and do it. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive.


“The wave of Passion can become an unstoppable force”




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