Get out of the boat!

The last few days I’ve been reflecting on 2014 and my journey to pursue the dream of releasing the Kingdom through our workshops. There have been been many joys and challenges so I thought I would share some of what I have learned, and hope it will encourage you in your own dream journey.


1.   Get out of that boat!

I had to decide at the beginning of this year to commit to FULLY getting out of the boat. I don’t just mean half out – that was never going to work! I couldn’t clutch onto the side for security, or have one leg in and one leg out – not if I really wanted to follow the voice of the authentic Jesus, the water-walker who was beckoning me, inviting me, drawing me to fully come – “Trust me, just come, you’ll be alright” He said. And so I did, wobbles and all. But lets face it, little boats are very restricted and confined places, and they may feel “safe” – but really, they’re not – they are nothing more than a deception. These dingy little dingies tempt us to exchange the glory and the ecstasy of walking on water with Jesus for a disappointing, mediocre, unadventurous boat ride. And I know I am born for more than that – and so are YOU!  You are inherently supernatural – born for the miraculous. CS Lewis said it best “there are no ordinary people, you have never talked to a mere mortal”. So this year, I’ve had to get out of the boat – and I never want to go back – Jesus I’m coming to you on the water even if I start to sink!

2.   Fix your eyes on Jesus.

Having jumped ship, I’ve had to FIX my eyes on to Jesus – I mean really lock them onto His gaze alone.  This has not always been easy for me – but it’s been a real KEY to moving forward. I can identify at least two things that have created instability in my water-walking this year, here they are:

(i) Focussing on the waves (ie the problems, challenges, set-backs and learning curves – there’s always plenty of these when we’re following a dream worth pursuing); and

(ii) Focussing too much on what others think or say. But ….. isn’t it normal to be disappointed when we don’t get the support we hope for, or hurt when we are criticized? Yes, sure. But here’s the thing I rejoice in: as I’ve walked this out with God this year, I’ve become more and more (and more) free from focussing on others. I’m so grateful to Him for this new FREEDOM of not being wounded and affected by what people do or don’t say – His voice is supreme, the divine nod from heaven is sufficient, it really is.

I have learnt this year that the only way I can resist these water-walking destabilizers (so that I don’t sink) is to SPEND TIME IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD. It’s here ALONE that brings me life, and joy and direction. In this place He reminds me who I am, and what He calls me to do, and He reminds me of the prophetic words over my life. I need to continue to grow more in this area and protect this precious time with him.

3. Keep your eyes on “the prize”

God has often spoken to me about “keeping my eyes on the prize”.  So what is our “prize”? Paul explains it in Philippians 3. “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”.  Clearly the prize is Jesus, but it’s also more than that – it is described as “the upward call of God”. Paul considers this a prize, a treasure. He also says  “let those of us who are mature think this way” (3:15). So I’m going to join Paul in encouraging you to keep going further in your dreams than you ever have before. Keep pressing on to gain the prize of your upward call, because you have one, and so do I  – and it’s our responsibility to pursue it.  You and I have been issued with a divine summons from heaven! And the world – visible and invisible is watching to see what we will do with it. It’s no accident that we are on planet earth for such a time as this. Our God-inspired dreams are VERY MUCH connected to the dreams God has for this earth – and they are connected to all of eternity – and that’s a very big deal.

So in summary, this is what I’ve learned this year:

1. Get FULLY out of the boat and pursue your dreams and destiny – you are a water-walker – it’s in your DNA.

2. As you go forward, fix your eyes on Jesus, not people or problems

3. Keep your eyes on the prize which is Jesus, and your upward call – and never give up!


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  1. Althea

    The image of half getting out of the boat made my chuckle … I’m sure I’ve tried that 🙂
    Thanks for the encouragement Carolyn.

  2. Karen

    Carolyn, thank you for the blog, so true , we have to step out of the boat to be all that Christ wants us to be. Think of the chorus…..”turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace..” What a mighty God we serve!!Keep up your good work. Blessings galore to you and your team.

  3. Debbie Dash

    God gave me a dream and it’s a big one. Build the Ark (the product), I will bring the animals (customers), then float it around the world (global product).I have been faithful to this dream for 10 years. (24/7)
    I am about to start expecting the customers this coming Friday 31 October. Interestingly, Satan would claim this day for himself. God reigns and won’t stop His Kingdom progressing. Amen. Thank you for your encouragement. Perfect for me today and at this special time.

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