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Last week I wrote an article outlining some of the internal struggles that Moses had to overcome before he could fulfil his destiny. He provided God with at least five excuses, and he hoped they were good enough to let him off the hook (Exodus 3 & 4). If you’ve not read last week’s blog it could help, you can find it here http://www.almondtreeministries.com.au/make-no-excuses/

Over the next few weeks, I thought it would be valuable to look at each of Moses’ excuses in more detail. This week it is Moses’ identity crisis. 


Excuse 1 – “Who am I?”

Moses said to GodWHO AM I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11)

In other words, Moses is saying “Are you kidding God? Why would you choose me??

Moses was suffering from an identity crisis and was really confused about who he was. He was raised as an Egyptian, but knew he wasn’t one because He was born a Hebrew. Yet he didn’t live with his own people, instead he lived in the Palace. “Who am I” he wondered…

Another factor which caused his identity crisis was his abject sense of failure. He knew he had blown his big opportunity to be an advocate for the Hebrew people when he killed an Egyptian and then had to flee into the desert to save his own life. There he lived for the next forty years feeling like a hopeless and miserable failure. He was FULL of shame, regret, disappointment and self-rejection.

To understand more of how Moses would have felt, here’s some context …

In Hebrews 11:23 we read “By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born. When they saw that he was no ordinary child, they were not afraid of the king’s edict”

There’s alot of parent pressure on Moses right there!

Have you ever felt that kind of pressure? They had big expectations. Imagine what they would have said to the neighbours …

“Hey everyone, our son Moses was a gift from God. He’s no ordinary child, he is special, he has God’s favour. He was rescued from the Nile and now he lives in the palace. He is going to help us one day, you wait and see!”

Now imagine the conversations Moses would have had with Pharaoh  …

“Pharoah it’s WRONG the way you are treating them! You are driving them into the ground, they are sick, they are injured, you are killing them!!!”
“Moses that’s just what I expect from you Moses. You’re one of them! You have no allegiance to me or this country. Your interests are with them. You do not belong here in the palace! You should have died in that basket in the river!”

What pressure Moses was under from everyone. Imagine how he felt hiding in the desert believing that he was responsible for the continued slavery of his people… “their blood is on my head, I don’t deserve to live”.



Moses really had a massive identity crisis.

But it was in the desert that God’s grace and mercy found him. The burning bush experience was a life-changer. God did a miraculous work of restoration and set Moses free. He gave him a completely new identity – not one based on Moses’ own abilities, but one based on who God said he was. As well as a new identity, Moses got a new commissioning and a divine call.

Many people view themselves just as Moses did, through the lens of past failures. I believe we are living in a time when God is moving to set his people free from this deception that their value comes from their performance or achievements – it is a lie which comes from the pit of hell. 

Your past mistakes and failures do not determine your value and worth. God wants to set you free of any burden of guilt, fear or shame because of past failure. It’s time to break off the bondage of any lies that have shackled you.

Why don’t you take a minute to do some self-reflection? Are you living free from past failures? You are forgiven fully and completely.

Moses had to undergo major spiritual heart surgery so that he could be free from a false identity. He had to be restored to a place of truth.

What we can learn from the first of Moses’ excuses is this – God wants us to re-stablish our identity FULLY on who He says we are, His beloved sons and daughters. When we have this as the foundation for our life, we will be able to return to any Egypt that God might call us to and take out the enemy.

Ultimately, God’s response to Moses’ Question “Who am I that I should return to Egypt” was this –

“You are Moses. You are Mine. You are Loved. Called. Chosen. Appointed. Anointed.

And that’s what God is saying to you too. 

Next week we look at the second excuse Moses gave God which he hoped would exempt him from his God-assignment.

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God bless you




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  1. Murray Turner

    Thank you Carolyn for the reminder of just who I am in Christ Jesus, our LORD!!!

  2. Margaret

    Thanks carolyn…God said to me a while ago…as I asked Him who I am and waht am I to do…what gifts does he want me to have …and he said….You are who I made you to be….you already have it all deep within you. I set those things in place before you were born….right from the moment of concepetion…..but life mucked it up and you received the wrong messages….I want to take you back to who I created you to be….I am content now to allow Him to work on and in me as he wants to.
    Thanks for that confirmation. XX Margaret

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