Who are the dreamers?

Hi friends

This week I am sending a prophetic word I received from the Lord for the Stairway Dream workshop two weeks ago, but it is a word for ALL of us.  When I received this Word, I saw an eagle arising majestically. That eagle is you. God is raising up a mighty army of people who KNOW who they are as His sons and daughters – people will DREAM with Him and build the Kingdom with Him – releasing heaven on earth. That is His heart and His commission to us. “Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”  The Father wants to do this through you and the dreams He placed in your heart. It’s time to step out in faith. I suggest you read the prophetic word out loud over yourself. Let courage arise in your heart to BE and DO all the Father has called you to

Dreaming with you,

Love Carolyn









Who are the people of destiny?

They are the ones who live as FREE men and women

They use hardship to their ADVANTAGE

They turn defeat UPSIDE DOWN and use it as something to destroy the enemy

The Lord says to you: Your scars are your STRENGTH

Your testing has positioned you for VALOUR and for taking back territory

With each victory, I will give you MORE land to conquer

When you refuse to be distracted you will become more EFFECTIVE

Be courageous, brave, and defiant!

My dreamers, my Sons and Daughters perch as EAGLES high on the tallest cliff

They feel the WIND in their feathers

They know they were born to be EXTRAORDINARY

They take flight and SOAR high above the fears and constraints of small-minded men

With long-range VISION they see in the Spirit the ways and seasons of God

They are untamed, they don’t need a map; they make a NEW path


You carry a divine and supernatural CALL on your life,

I the Lord will take you into places to do the OUTRAGEOUSLY impossible,

But know this – I have SET YOU UP for victory,

I have established you to SUCCEED

NEVER underestimate yourself

I paid the HIGHEST price for you to be bold, confident and courageous

You are my BELOVED

You are PRICELESS to Me

I crafted you with BEAUTY and PURPOSE

There is no one like you – so DO NOT try to look, or talk, or be like the rest –

DO NOT demean yourself, or who I created you to be

For I am your Lord and YOUR Creator

NOW is the time for you to co-operate with my CALL upon your life

NOW is the time for MY dreams in you to be RELEASED

I am calling you to COME forth





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    • Carolyn Conway

      Hi Cristl the path forward is full of His goodness, and He is on it with you!

  1. Frieda Morrison

    Thank you Carolyn so much for sharing this, as I am really soaking it up, having been unwell this week it is a great encouragement to me and my friends who I often share your blog with.

    • Carolyn Conway

      Frieda these words express the fullness of His heart for you, be encouraged and blessed

  2. Margaret Carey

    Thanks so much for sharing this Carolyn….I am going to print it and put it in my bible and also take it away with me so I can meditate on what God is saying to me through this….Blessings

  3. Teresa Sadler

    Thank you!!!! Just the encouragement and words I needed to hear. Spoke straight to the depths, and consolidated even more from the workshop 2 weeks ago! I also am going to type this out and declare as needed. Thank you Carolyn, and may God bless you abundantly in your faithfulness to Him. Blessings, teresa

  4. Leanne

    Hi Carolyn once again you have spoken a very timely word for me, I love the impact you have on my life you are such a blessing thank you for sharing with us all God has called you to be. This word is one of 3 I have received this week I think I am getting it lol. So I am receiving this with a grateful heart. Keep up the good fight you are a beautiful warrior and you are helping so many to walk in freedom. Xx
    Lv Leanne.

    • Carolyn Conway

      thank you Leanne, for your encouraging feedback. I look forward to seeing you some time again soon!

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